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Book a cheap city break to Berlin with Best4Travel! Berlin, as the capital city of Germany, is the perfect place to take in German culture, with cafés brimming with hot pretzels, strudel and cinnamon rolls available at every turn, and even the occasional free concert by Berlin’s symphony orchestra on the steps of the Konzerthaus in Gendarmenmarkt square!

Here at Best4Travel, we have access to great-value deals on flights and centrally located accommodation in Berlin that you won’t find anywhere else!

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World War II Memorials & Museums

  • Topography of Terror
  • This outdoor and indoor museum was built on the site where the SS, SD and Gestapo had their headquarters during World War II. Here you can learn about Hitler’s inner circle of henchmen, the terror they enacted while in power, and their subsequent war trials in Nuremberg.

  • Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz
  • Here in Wannsee on 20 January 1942, a conference was held by Reinhard Heydrich of the SS to ensure that the various administrative leaders of local government departments across the expanding Germany would cooperate in the implementation of the so-called ‘Final solution to the Jewish question’, which would see the systematic murder of millions of Jewish people across Europe. In the present day, the house works as a memorial and museum to their victims.

  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Also known as the ‘Holocaust Memorial’, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is an incredible monument designed by Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold. The memorial covers 19,000 m² and underneath contains the names of over 3 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

  • Jewish Museum Berlin
  • The original Jewish Museum launched in 1933, and was subsequently shut down by the Gestapo in 1938. The present museum was opened in 2001 and with its beautiful exhibitions on Jewish culture and history, has become one of the most visited museums in Germany,

  • The German Resistance Memorial Centre
  • This memorial and museum is located on the site where members of the German Army involved in the failed 20th July plot in 1944 to kill Hitler, were executed. As well as remembering those involved in the plot, the museum also highlights other instances of German resistance to the Nazi regime.

The Berlin Wall & Cold War Germany Memorials

  • Berlin Wall
  • The Berlin wall was a guarded concrete barrier built to separate East and West Germany from 1961 to 1989. Part of the wall still stands today in Bernauer Strasse, as a reminder of what life was like for the German people before it came down.

  • East Side Gallery
  • This open-air gallery is a protected landmark in Berlin, with over 100 murals painted on the east side of the remaining Berlin Wall, including the famous ‘Fraternal Kiss’ by Dmitri Vrubel.

  • Palace of Tears
  • Known as the ‘Tränenpalast’ in German, the Palace of Tears is a museum built on the site where the official border crossing of Berlin Friedrichstraße station stood. Here western German visitors would tearfully say goodbye to their eastern relatives and friends who had to stay behind.

  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • The best known border crossing of East and West Berlin during the Cold War, where American and Soviet tanks once faced each other with only a few metres in between, still stands unchanged to this day. The original warning signs on display around the checkpoint, and the stories shared of attempted escapes from East Berlin, make for a moving experience.

  • DDR Museum
  • For an immersive experience of life in the former East Germany, the DDR Museum is hard to beat. The museum has a permanent, interactive exhibition where one can pretend to drive the most common car in East Germany, the Trabant P601, can walk around a series of rooms that have been decorated with original items true to the era, and even play the most popular video and arcade games of the time!

The Best of German Architecture

  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • In the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district, three of Germany’s most beautiful buildings are placed around Gendarmenmarkt square; the Französischer Dom, Deutscher Dom, and Schinkel's Konzerthaus.

    • The French and German Cathedrals were both built at the start of the 18th century, with the French Cathedral now home to a Huguenot museum, and the German to a museum on German history.

    • The Konzerthaus is a dazzling concert hall added to the square in 1818 is now home to the ‘Konzerthausorchester’ the symphony orchestra of Berlin.

    • Every year in December the Gendarmenmarkt is transformed into one of the most impressive Christmas Markets in Europe!

  • Berlin Cathedral
  • The magnificent Berlin Cathedral is the largest church in Berlin, and offers a wonderful series of services, concerts, and tours to teach visitors about religious traditions in Germany.

  • Charlottenburg Palace
  • One of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany is the Charlottenburg Palace, the largest palace in Berlin. Originally built in 1699 for the Prussian Queen consort Sophia Charlotte of Hanover, the palace has survived war and social upheaval, to remain open for the public to this day

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Perhaps the most iconic landmark in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate was built in the 18th century at the behest of King Frederick William II of Prussia.

  • Reichstag Building
  • Constructed in 1894 to house the government of the German Empire, the Reichstag Building has an important place in German history. The burning of the building in 1933 led to the German president Hindenburg passing the ‘Reichstag Fire Decree’ which allowed the Nazi Party to arrest nearly all political opponents and enact martial law.

Where to Eat in Berlin

Part of the fun in visiting a new country is discovering and enjoying the local cuisine for yourself. However, on a city break it can often be difficult to know where to start.

To help set your holiday off on the right foot, we here at Best4Travel have compiled a list of the Top Rated Restaurants in Berlin, divided by price to cater for all budget types!

  • Low Cost

    • Bürgermeister, Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997
    • Flamingo Fresh Food Bar, Neustädtische Kirchstraße 8, 10117
    • Mabuhay, Koethener Str. 28, 10963

  • Moderately Priced

    • Ristorante A Mano, Strausberger Platz 2, 10243
    • Ristorante Peperoncino, Urbanstr. 137, 10967
    • Hackethals, Pflugstrasse 11, 10115

  • Expensive

    • Restaurant Bieberbau, Durlacher Str. 15, 10715
    • Facil, Potsdamer Str. 3, Im The Mandala Hotel, 10785
    • Restaurant Tim Raue, Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26, 10969


  • Pubs

    • Dicke Wirtin, Carmerstraße 9, 10623
    • The Curtain Club, Potsdamer Platz 3, 10785
    • Hofbräu Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 30, 10178

  • Clubs

    • Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243
    • Salon zur Wilden Renate, Alt-Stralau 70, 10245
    • Chalet, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3, 10997


With Best4Travel you can have a transfer arranged for you from either Schönefeld or Tegel Airport straight to your hotel! The approximate transfer times from these airports to the top hotel and tourist destinations in Berlin are as follows:

  • Alexanderplatz: 45 minutes from Schönefeld - 35 minutes from Tegel.

  • Charlottenburg: 35 minutes from Schönefeld - 15 minutes from Tegel.

  • Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg: 35 minutes from either Schönefeld or Tegel.

  • Kurfürstendamm: 30 minutes from Schönefeld - 15 minutes from Tegel.

  • Mitte: 40 minutes from Schönefeld - 30 minutes from Tegel.

  • Tiergarten: 30 minutes from Schönefeld - 20 minutes from Tegel.

Best4Travel Tips

  • Currency: Euro (€)

  • Language: German

  • Time Difference to Ireland: +1 hour

  • Flight Time: Approx. 2 hours 20 minutes

  • Local Phrases
    • Hello : Hallo
    • How are you? : Wie geht’s?
    • Good morning : Guten Morgen
    • Good evening : Guten Abend
    • Goodbye : Tschüss
    • Please : Bitte
    • Thank you : Danke
    • Yes : Ja
    • No: Nein
    • You’re welcome : Bitte schön
    • My name is… : Ich heiße…
    • I do not understand : Ich verstehe nicht
    • Do you speak English? : Sprichst du Englisch?
    • I am Irish : Ich bin Ire

  • Public Holidays
    • 1st January: New Year’s Day.
    • March/April:
      • Good Friday
      • Easter Monday
    • 1st May: Labour Day
    • May/June:
      • Ascension
      • Whit Monday
    • 3rd October: German Unity Day
    • 31st October: Day of Reformation
    • 25th December: Christmas Day
    • 26th December: St. Stephen’s Day
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Berlin City Breaks

Visiting Berlin on a budget is made simple with nearly all of the city’s main attractions, museums and memorials offering free admission. Germany has one of the highest standards of living in Europe, and you will find that city breaks in Berlin are some of the most affordable holidays you can have without having to sacrifice quality.

For more information or a tailored quotation, please drop into any one of our stores nationwide or call our expert Irish call centre today on 1800 814 000.

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Why Choose Best4Travel?

Embark on a journey to explore an array of captivating destinations across the globe. From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of Bali, our destinations cater to every traveler's dream.

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