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Cheap Gouviá Holidays

Book a cheap holiday to Gouvia with Best4Travel! Find cheap flights to Corfu and great holiday deals for the top hotels in Gouvia with Best4Travel’s Corfu holiday packages

Corfu Resorts

Where are you going to stay in Corfu?

Book a cheap holiday to Gouviá with Best4Travel! The small village of Gouviá on the east coast of Corfu is a increasingly popular getaway for couples and families. Only 7 km north of Corfu Town, Gouviá offers a quiet retreat from the bustling main cities on the island!

Thanks to the close relationship we share with our hoteliers, we here at Best4Travel have a vast array of exclusive special offers, to suit any budget or occasion, for the top hotels and resorts in Gouvia.

For more information or for a tailored quotation on any of the hotels and resorts in Corfu featured on our website, please drop into any one of our stores nationwide, or call our expert travel guides today at our Irish call centre FREE on 1800 814 000.


  • Gouviá Marina
  • Surprisingly enough for such a small village, Gouviá’s marina is one of the biggest in Corfu! It was the first ever privately owned marina in Greece, and was traditionally used by Venetian seamen as a place to rest on voyages between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Seas.

    Walking around the marina today, you’ll see yachts and motor boats from all over the world. The total capacity of the harbour is well over 1000 ships, making the Gouviá Marina the busiest place in the village by far!

Where to Eat

To help set your holiday off on the right foot, we here at Best4Travel have compiled a list of the top cafés and restaurants in and around Gouviá, divided by price to cater for all budget types.

  • Low Cost
    • The Best, Gouvia 49100
    • da Roberto e Fei, Hauptstrasse in Gouvia
    • BBQ ART, Gouvia Center 5

  • Moderately Priced
    • Karanveer Indian Restaurant, Gouvia 491 00
    • La Kantas, Gouvia 49100
    • 9 Muses Restaurant, Gouvia 491 00

  • Expensive
    • Etrusco, Kato Korakiana 49083
    • The Venetian Well, Kremastis Square, Lili Desila 1
    • Du Lac, Dafnila, Limni 49100


With Best4Travel you can have a transfer arranged for you from Corfu International Airport straight to your hotel! The approximate transfer time from the airport to Gouviá is 20 minutes.

For more information or for a tailored quotation on transfers to any of the hotels in Corfu featured on our website, please call our expert Irish call centre today FREE on 1800 814 000.

Best4Travel Tips

  • Currency: Euro

  • Language: Greek

  • Time Difference to Ireland: +2 hours

  • Flight Time: Approx. 3 hours 30 minutes

  • Local Phrases
    • Hello: Γειά σου - “Yah-soo”
    • Good morning: Καλημέρα - Kah-lee-mare-ah”
    • How are you?: Tι κανείς? - “Tee- kah-niss”
    • Good afternoon: Καλησπέρα - “Kah-lee-sper-ah”
    • Good night: Καληνύχτα - “Kah-lee-neek-tah”
    • Goodbye: Γειά σου - “Yah-soo”
    • Please: Παρακαλώ - “Para-kah-low”
    • Thank you: Ευχαριστώ - “Eff-kha-ri-stow”
    • You’re welcome: Παρακαλώ - “Para-kah-low”
    • Do you speak English?: Μιλάτε αγγλικά? - “Mee-lah-teh Ag-li-kah”
    • My name is…: Με λένε… - “May leh-neh”

  • Public Holidays
    • 1 January: New Years Day
    • 6 January: Epiphany
    • February: First Sunday in Lent
    • 25 March: Greek Independence Day
    • March/April: Good Friday
    • 8 April 2018: (Orthodox) Easter Sunday
    • 1 May: May Day (Protomagia)
    • 50 days after Easter Sunday: Whit Monday (Agiou Pnevmatos)
    • 15 August: Feast of the Assumption
    • 28 October: Ohi Day
    • 25 December: Christmas Day
    • 26 December: St Stephen’s Day
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