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As the capital city, Lisbon boasts a number of the best attractions in Portugal! From the Tower of Belém to São Jorge Castle, there really is so much to see in this stunning coastal city.

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Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon Lisbon

Top Portugal Resorts

Top Attractions in Lisbon

  • Belém Tower
  • Standing alone at the mouth of the Tagus River is the magnificent Belém Tower. This 16th century fortification is often viewed as the ceremonial gateway to Lisbon, and as a monument to Portuguese maritime success.

  • São Jorge Castle
  • Looming over the historic centre of Lisbon is the Moorish São Jorge Castle. The sprawling ramparts that surround the citadel are featured in almost every photo of the city, and stand as an excellent symbol of Lisbon’s proud history.

  • Rossio Square
  • One of the most popular tourist spots in Lisbon is the beautiful Rossio Square, located in the Pombaline downtown area. Also known as the Pedro IV Square, this has been a place for people to meet, sit, eat, and relax since the medieval ages. The designs on the ground laid out by the cobblestones, the two baroque fountains on either side of the square, and the central monument to Dom Pedro IV, all make this a beautiful place to spend some time.

  • Praça do Comércio
  • The principal ‘Commerce Square’ of Lisbon, just off the Tagus River, is a lavishly decorated plaza with a fascinating history. The square also goes by the name ‘Palace Yard’ (Terreiro de Paço) as it had been the location of the main residence of the Kings of Portugal, the Royal Ribeira Palace (Paços da Ribeira), until it was destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. The history this square has seen, including the assassination of the penultimate King of Portugal in 1908, led it to be named a National Monument of Portugal in 1910.

Where to Eat

  • Low Cost

    • Restaurante Mili, Calcada de Santana 41, 1150-301
    • Crisfama, Rua da Cruz de Santa Apolonia 58, 1100-188
    • Estamine Art Food Drink, Calcada do Monte 86 A, 1170-251

  • Moderately Priced

    • BA Wine Bar do Bairro Alto, Rua da Rosa, 107, Bairro Alto, 1200-382
    • Augusto Lisboa, Rua Santa Marinha 26, Follow rua de São Vicente, 1100-491
    • Salsa Rosa Bistro, Avenida Visconde de Valmor 66-A, 1050-067

  • Expensive

    • Mini Bar Teatro, Rua António Maria Cardoso 58, 1200-027
    • Belcanto, Largo de São Carlos, 10, 1200-410
    • Sommelier Lisbon, Rua do Telhal 59, 1150-345


  • Pubs

    • Tasca Mastai, Rua da Rosa 14/a, Lisbon 1200-387
    • Alfama Cellar, Rua dos Remédios 127 131, Lisbon 1100-445
    • Galeto, Avenida da República 14, Lisbon 1050-191

  • Clubs

    • Lux Frágil, Av. Infante D. Henrique, armazem A Cais da Pedra a Sta. Apolonia, Lisbon 1950-376
    • MusicBox, R. Nova do Carvalho 24, Lisbon 1200-014
    • Ministerium Club, Praça do Comércio 72, Lisbon 1100-016


With Best4Travel you can have a transfer arranged for you from Lisbon Portela Airport straight to your hotel! The approximate transfer times from this airport to the city’s top hotel and tourist destinations are as follows:

  • Alfama: 20 minutes

  • Avenida da Liberdade: 20 minutes

  • Bairro Alto: 25 minutes

  • Baixa-Chiado: 25 minutes

  • Belém: 20 minutes

  • Cais do Sodré: 20 minutes

  • Lapa: 20 minutes

  • Parque das Nações: 10 minutes

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Best4Travel Tips

  • Currency: Euro (€)

  • Language: Portuguese

  • Time Difference to Ireland: None

  • Flight Time: Approx. 2 hours 45 minutes

  • Local Phrases:
    • Hello : Olá
    • Good morning : Bom dia
    • How are you? : Como estás?
    • Good afternoon : Boa tarde
    • Good night : Boa noite
    • Goodbye : Tchau
    • Please : Por favor
    • Thank you :
      • Obrigado (Male)
      • Obrigada (Female)
    • You’re welcome : De nada
    • Where is…? : Onde fica…?
    • Do you speak English? : Você fala inglês?
    • I am from Ireland : Eu sou da Irlanda

  • Public Holidays
    • 1 January: New Years Day
    • 30 March : Good Friday
    • 25 April : Freedom Day
    • 1 May : Labour Day
    • 31 May : Corpus Christi
    • 10 June : Portugal Day
    • 13 June: Feast of St. Anthony
    • 15 August : Assumption Day
    • 5 October : Republic Day
    • 1 November : All Saints Day
    • 1 December : Restoration of Independence
    • 8 December : Immaculate Conception
    • 25 December : Christmas Day

Lisbon Holidays

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Why Choose Best4Travel?

Embark on a journey to explore an array of captivating destinations across the globe. From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of Bali, our destinations cater to every traveler's dream.

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